How Can You Access Accurate Patient Satisfaction Survey Results?

We collect patient satisfaction data for you in a cost-effective process and synthesize it into useful business intelligence. Comprehensive reports show you an independent assessment of how your organization performs, comparing your own historical performance internally and against others in the EMS community.

The questions in your patient satisfaction surveys can mean the difference between success or struggle for your EMS organization.

Stop wasting time and resources trying to guess how you can improve your service. Accurate patient satisfaction survey results are the most cost-effective way to evaluate your organization’s performance.

Feedback Innovations Handles It All

  • We print and mail the surveys with prepaid return envelopes
  • We do the data entry and analysis of your patient satisfaction survey results
  • We generate standard reports that are emailed to you each month
  • We provide you access to our custom reporting system where you can run reports based on your own operational needs, including service level, ambulance unit, pick up location, or day of the week
  • We provide the benchmarks you need to quickly and accurately assess your performance

See our sample reports to discover the information contained in real reports that can help you improve your business operations.

Comprehensive Reporting Drives Your EMS Business Forward

  1. Collect patient data in an organized and secure fashion
  2. Evaluate your organization’s performance, internally and compared to other EMS providers with useful data analysis reports
  3. Quickly identify improvement areas and develop an action plan that addresses top priorities
  4. Implement your strategy in a deliberate and focused manner, saving you time and money
  5. Improve patient services by collecting feedback immediately

Don’t just get data, get intelligence. Request a demo today.

Let us show you how this easy, cost-effective solution can help you build a more efficient and effective EMS organization. Access vital information to make smart decisions based on reality, not anecdotal evidence. Discover how other clients are using data collection to improve their organizations on a daily basis and how our system can help you succeed.