Improving Patient Experience with Accurate, Action-Oriented Data

Data talks. We help you listen. Feedback Innovations has taken the guesswork out of improving the patient experience. Rather than relying on the status quo or a patchwork collection of half-answered questions, we developed a sophisticated system that gathers accurate patient data and generates intelligence specifically for your organization.

We have seen firsthand how independent data collection can be used to focus improvement efforts in a clear and cost-effective way that helps EMS providers elevate their level of service. We designed a system that makes collecting this information fast and easy.

Feedback Innovations was founded by EMS professionals who understand that in emergency situations, there is no time to stop to gather feedback that can improve operations. As a result, many EMS providers miss out on valuable insight into the issues that ultimately create dissatisfied patients, generate complaints and lead to lower payment remittance. By harnessing the power of accurate data collection and converting it into usable insights, we assist the EMS community in improving patient experience of every service call.

Our Mission Is to Help You Succeed

As competition increases among private EMS providers, and municipal EMS services must defend themselves against budget cuts, we know that data-driven results can provide the support your organization needs to influence decision makers. We developed useful reports to help you illustrate the value of your service.

We also understand the time and cost required to accurately uncover problem areas that guide internal decision-making. Our tools are designed to instantly identify areas for internal improvement and highlight individuals on your team who require additional training or support.

Don’t just get data, get intelligence. Request a demo today.

Let us show you how this easy, cost-effective solution can help you build a more efficient and effective EMS organization. Access vital information to make smart decisions based on reality, not anecdotal evidence. Discover how other clients are using data collection to improve their organizations on a daily basis and how our system can help you succeed.