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Technology and the expanding role of EMS

The future of EMS includes (and combines) two trends: technological advances and the expansion of the role of EMS in providing community medical care.
It is, in part, the advances in technology (some of them already discussed in these blogs) that will allow for that expanding role. As technology becomes smarter and devices become smaller and more portable, it is increasingly possible to provide immediate blood testing for sepsis, STEMI, and so on, as well as portable ultrasound machines.

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Ambulance Industry Patient Satisfaction Report – Now Available

EMS providers are tasked with improving patient satisfaction in order to justify their budgets (in the case of municipal providers) or to remain competitive when contracts come up for bid (in the case of private companies).
Understanding current trends and challenges in the EMS industry can help you gauge your own organization’s effectiveness against other providers and help you gain a clearer perspective on how patients view the EMS profession.

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Fatigue Management

For most of us the term “fatigue management” wasn’t around when we started in EMS. Providers worked until they went home and that was it. But as we see the number of transports increase and staffing stagnant or even drop, we are asking more of our providers today than we have in the past. Couple this with an increased emphasis on safety and patient satisfaction, and here we are talking about managing fatigue in our workforce.

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Millennials in the EMS Workforce

A consistent theme when talking to EMS leaders about their workforce revolves around “this generation.” This is usually followed by a series of negative attributes and reasons they feel like millennial’s might be hurting their business or even the industry. But are millennial’s just the generation we need in this era of EMS and healthcare? Research may suggest that this generation has the attributes we are looking for in our workforce.

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Ambulances and Patient Satisfaction: Part Two

Ambulance design has undoubtedly improved since 1963, when the ambulances of Baltimore could be no more than 54 inches high, because nothing taller would fit in the hospital ambulance bays. Rescue workers couldn’t stand upright, of course, but the height allowed them to brace their backs again the ceiling.
The size of the ambulance has always been a compromise: agility, speed, and economy versus where the vehicle needs to be driven and what it needs to contain.

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Triple Aim Initiative makes measuring patient satisfaction a key step for accreditation

By Tim Nowak

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Triple Aim Initiative establishes patient satisfaction as an important benchmark.

As new industry standards are set, measuring patient satisfaction becomes a benchmark EMS agencies must meet in order to get accreditation and better serve their patient population.

Patient satisfaction is becoming an important benchmark for accreditation. (Photo/Pixabay)
For example, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) has taken an active role in recognizing the need for healthcare agencies to improve patient satisfaction data by developing its Triple Aim Initiative.

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Building a Culture of Safety

It seems like no matter where we turn in EMS there is some discussion about provider safety. From the overarching idea of the EMS Culture of Safety, to providing ballistic protection for all EMS and fire personnel or concern for scene safety in the wake of attacks on EMS professionals. We know we want to make a change but many organizations struggle with how to make sweeping safety changes.

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Ambulances and Patient Satisfaction: Part One

Although the ambulance itself is only one part of a patient’s experience with EMS, it’s certainly an important part. A solid chassis and a good suspension system that cushion the ride and safely bear the weight of the equipment, patient, and EMTs are universally praised. But there are numerous disagreements about other issues, at least some of which have an impact on patient experience and on the results of patient satisfaction surveys.

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Transport/EMS services can change care models to help meet the Triple Aim

Ambulance Services: Build Your Own or Contract Out?
This is the debate going on in hospitals right now.  How is your EMS agency helping hospitals meet their Triple Aim goals?  How do you measure patient experience?  Do you know how your EMS service influences patients?  These are questions you need to be able to answer for hosptials to give you a contract. 

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Q&A: How can EMTs monitor and enhance patient satisfaction?

By Victoria Mack
For most agencies, determining whether patients are satisfied with the service EMTs provide is a matter of guesswork.

Former EMT and Feedback Innovations co-founder Michael Flanagan knew from first-hand experience that gathering and reporting data would provide the information agencies needed to improve their methodologies.
Flanagan explained how his company’s patient satisfaction surveys were engineered and how they benefit patients and agencies.

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