EMS Employee Recruitment and Retention – How Patient Satisfaction Measurement Can Help

Employee retention and recruitment. A topic rarely discussed just a few years ago now dominates conversation amongst EMS industry leaders. Where to find new employees and how to keep the good ones? I was recently at Pinnacle EMS 2018, where multiple sessions were held on how to improve recruitment and retention of employees, and it came up in every conversation I had.

So what is the solution? More pay? Better education? Better advancement opportunities? Those would all help, but are not necessarily feasible, and may not be the panacea you think. According to Forbes what employees are looking for, in order, is Camaraderie, peer motivation; Intrinsic desire to a good job; Feeling encouraged and recognized; Having a real impact; Growing professionally; Meeting “patient” needs; and Money and benefits (7%). Look at what comes before pay – EMS patient satisfaction measurement can help with those.

EMS patient satisfaction measurement at Feedback Innovations allows you to show how the company is performing and how individual divisions are performing. Used wisely, this data can generate camaraderie and a sense of teamwork by showing displaying where your team excels and where they can improve. Generating peer buy-in to support quality improvement efforts based on EMS patient satisfaction data.

Feedback Innovations’ patient satisfaction reports can drill down to individual employee results. By providing these results to each employee you are able to leverage their desire to do a good job to achieve improved results. Likewise, these individualized EMS patient satisfaction results will show how each employee is meeting their patients’ needs. Further motivating them.

Lastly, the comments reports that Feedback Innovations generates will show employees the appreciation patients have for their hard work. When we created the company seven years ago the report I was most worried about was the comments report. What would patients say? Would it be a harsh reality? I cannot tell you how heart warming it has been since then to read the comments. It turns out patients really appreciate EMS professionals. 90-95% of the comments are very positive. If I had been provided this type of feedback most likely my EMS career would have lasted another 10 years. The comments also meet the employee motivators of feeling encouraged/recognized and having an impact through recognition from the patients of the impact EMS professionals had on their lives.

Employee recruitment and retention is one of the top two challenges for EMS according to the 2018 EMS Trend Report. Feedback Innovations patient satisfaction measurement and reporting can help with that through individualized employee metrics and comments straight from the patients. Contact us today for a demo on how it can work for you.

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