Ambulance Industry Patient Satisfaction Report – Now Available

EMS providers are tasked with improving patient satisfaction in order to justify their budgets (in the case of municipal providers) or to remain competitive when contracts come up for bid (in the case of private companies).

Understanding current trends and challenges in the EMS industry can help you gauge your own organization’s effectiveness against other providers and help you gain a clearer perspective on how patients view the EMS profession.

Each year we aggregate the data we collect from thousands of patient satisfaction surveys administered across the nation to create a clear benchmark that helps EMS companies compare their internal challenges to the industry at large.

The 2017 Ambulance Patient Satisfaction Benchmark Report is now available for EMS providers to take a closer look at the industry-wide trends and concerns that affect patient satisfaction on a detailed level.

This useful report contains data from more than 15,000 anonymous patients who have clearly articulated specific areas of satisfaction and dissatisfaction with the level of pre-hospital care they have received from EMS providers. The report contains patient satisfaction feedback for both municipal and private EMS providers gleaned from our 21-question survey that explores the most pressing issues that have an impact on improving patient satisfaction.

The 2016 Ambulance Industry Patient Satisfaction Report answers key questions such as:

  • Whose communication performance is better: municipal or private EMS services?
  • What are the top 3 areas patients would like to see improved upon?
  • Which aspect of EMS patient satisfaction experienced the most fluctuation throughout 2017?

Download the report now to discover trends and useful insights that can play a significant role in improving patient satisfaction for the community you serve.

Feedback Innovations has published an EMS Patient Satisfaction Benchmark Report for seven years.  For reports from previous years email your request to: [email protected]

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